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Wine List - Prices are per bottle.




Alexander The Great - Premium reserve dry red wine Exclusively made by Balic'. $19.95

  Country Red - American table wine made from French hybrid grapes.  $18.50
  Red Velvet - Delightful red dry wine with a mild fruity taste. $18.50
  Napoleon Bonaparte - Premium reserve dry white wine Exclusively made by Balic'. $17.50

Riesling - Premium dry white wine made from very distinctive German variety grapes to enhance any entrée.                    $16.50

  Huckleberry - Made with wild-grown organic Huckleberries. $18.50
  Blackberry - Made with pure blackberries for a wonderful flavor. $15.95
 Blueberry - Impeccable natural blueberry wine.                $15.95 
  Cherry - Fruit wine made with pure mature cherries.      $15.95
  Cranberry - Fruit wine made with pure cranberries.        $15.95
  Almanique - Grape wine blended with natural Almonds. $14.95
  Pomegranate - A unique wine made from pure pomegranate. $17.50
  Raspberry - Fruit wine made with the luscious pure ripened raspberries. $15.95